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Wally’s Mealworms provide a healthy nutrient rich protein source for birds and lizards in the aviary or garden. Mealworms are live and come packaged with bran. 

We pride ourselves on the clean, organic, pesticide free way the mealworms are bred all the way to packaging.

100gms Live Mealworms. Pre-order only

All orders must be pre-ordered. This site is purely for viewing what we sell and all payments must be made in cash upon collection. Contact us for more information
  • Mealworms are easy to keep in our well-ventilated eco-friendly containers. They are packaged with bran, which they use for bedding and food.

    Mealworms slow down considerably when kept in the fridge and can live happily there for a number of weeks. To keep mealworms, for longer periods of time, remove them from the refrigerator every two weeks and allow them to warm up in their container. Place a few slices of carrot or apple into the container and allow them to feed for 24 hours. After, remove the uneaten food and return the mealworms to the fridge.

    If left out of the fridge the worms will begin to pupate and are much less palatable.

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